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Stand out with a mix of Instruction and Experience.

Over 4300 students have enrolled in Georgia Fintech Academy courses since 2019. Of these students, over 800 experienced a fintech project with a fintech employer.

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Understand the many ways fintech creates the future of the financial services industry.

Fintech is the industry that provides technology to grow and manage financial services. Georgia Fintech Academy provides courses on multiple topics related to fintech.

How to Enroll


Find your school and sign up for these courses wherever you normally register for courses.

eMajor programs bring together the power and academic expertise of multiple USG institutions to provide online degrees that prepare students for workforce demands in Georgia and beyond.

Send a note to Laura Gibson-Lamothe, Executive Director, Georgia Fintech Academy.

Participating Institutions

Twenty of USG’s 26 institutions are currently full participants in the Academy, with more coming on board as the program matures. Visit the eMajor website to learn more about the FinTech Core courses and other FinTech programs available at these participating institutions

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