How to Add a New Event

Locating the Events

Click the Events button located on the top of the left sidebar menu.

Click Add New Event button on the top of the page.

Event Title and Name

Add the title of your Event

Add add the name of your event (you can copy and paste it from the title).

Date and Time

Add the date and time in the datetime field. When you click on the field, a calendar and time slider will pop up for easy input.

Event Descriptions

Add a Short Description and Long Description. The short description should be no longer than a sentence. The long description can include more details like the event topic, the speaker bio, or video call details.

Event Partners

If there are special partners or featured guests, you can add their names and a photo in the indicated fields.

Event Location Details

Depending on the event type, you can input information like the address or the event link. If it is a Hybrid Event you can input both the Location ( ex. Georgia State University 55 Park Place (1st Floor) Atlanta Ga 30303) and copy and paste in the virtual event link.

More Information

If somebody wants more information to contact the event organizer you can provide an email in this field.

Register Link

If you want users to register for the event via USG Survey link you can copy and paste the link in the Register Link field.

Add to Calendar

To create the add to calendar links

  1. Visit
  2. Copy and paste event details
  3. Click the clip board to copy the add to calendar link
  4. Paste into the field for each calendar
  5. For iCalendar, Download the ICS file and upload it via the choose media button under add to iCalendar


To group event topics, you can check off details about the event or add your own.

Expiration Date

The post expiration date automatically removes the event from the website after the event has passed. To set the expiration date:

  1. Locate the PublishPress Future tab on the right sidebar
  2. Click the checkbox to Enable Post Expiration
  3. Set the date you want it to expire

Publish, Save, and Preview


Once the event is completed you can click the blue Publish button on the right sidebar under the Publish tab.


If you do not want to publish the event yet you can save it as a draft and publish at a later date or save and edit it later.


If you want to see how the event would look on the website before publishing, click the Preview button.

How to Edit an Event

  1. Click Events
  2. Click on the event you want to edit

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